Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kosovo infant mortality highest in Europe

Kosovo is a region with the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in Europe, a report presented in Priština on Friday says.

The document, entitled, Monitors of Millennium Development Goals, produced by the Kosovo team of the United Nations, in cooperation with the parliament of Kosovo, also said that the territory has the highest incidence of contagious disease.

According to this data, 45 of 1,000 newborn infants die, while during labor two mothers out of every 100,000 also lose their life.

UN Development Team Coordinator Frode Mauring said that 52 out of every 100,000 persons in Kosovo are suffering with tuberculosis.

"Cooperation should be stepped up with other countries in order to make it easier for civil society to be engaged on development issues, so that Kosovo could catch up with the regional trends of development," Mauring said.

The Kosovo assembly has a key role in paving the way toward tenable development, regarding the shaping of the necessary laws and the considerations of budget priorities, the UN representative said.

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